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 Welcome to EDLIS Parties & Gatherings! 

So, you are attending a concert? 

Check below for some answers to our most frequently asked questions...  

1. When and where do gatherings take place?

Gatherings are often planned around Bob Dylan's concert schedule, but don't necessarily need to be confined to such. 

The location and starting time of the gatherings are entirely up to those planning them. However, unless otherwise specified, all pre-concert lunches will commence at 12:30, pre-concert drinks at  18:00 (6:00 pm), and apres concert drinks immediately after the concert. Should the apres gathering place close early, people often go to a hotel bar where concert-goers are staying.

Some find just purchasing concert tickets, cadging rides, and sleeping on people's floors is still a strain on their budgets. In the past it has not been uncommon for people to come to an EDLIS lunch already having eaten, and simply having a drink or two. Little enough expense, but you get the same meeting and chatting and trading of interesting illegal aurally-stimulating objects.


 2. What do I need to do? 

Dylan enthusiasts wishing to meet up are responsible for planning the gatherings, but EDLIS Parties & Gatherings Agents are very willing to help. All planned gatherings should be posted at the EDLIS Parties & Gatherings Facebook page.

If you will be attending an upcoming Dylan concert and there is not already an EDLIS gathering planned for before and after the show, why not plan one? It doesn't take a lot of organization, just a suggestion of a cafe, pub, restaurant, or other eatery/drinkery nearby the concert venue. Give the EDLIS Parties and Gatherings Agent the address and telephone of this meeting spot, and also post it on the Facebook group wall or event so it is viewable immediately by anyone. Directions, hours of operation, and any other information about the gathering place are always appreciated by all who plan to attend. 

If you will be attending a gathering, always telephone and check all is in order. Sometimes a venue is arranged for somewhere that is closed. Reassure yourself the place exists. Sometimes a place is chosen that is not open at the required time or day, but the organizers have noticed and left a message of an alternate gathering. Telephone and check, it does no harm and might be informative.

If you see a planned gathering place which looks foolish to you -- too far from the venue, gone downhill recently, or something similar -- please advise EDLIS and suggest a more sensible place. Same goes if you are under the legal drinking age -- if the gatherings are planned for bars and you worry about getting in, please let us know. It is quite possible there are others in your situation. 


 3. Why do EDLISians wear a flower? 

It is customary to wear a flower so that others from EDLIS can recognize you. The type and colour of flower is entirely up to you, as is where you wear it. Most choose to wear a red rose or carnation on their lapel. Any kind, colour, and flavour will do, we have seen sweet red roses, dried wilted carnations, even large bouquets of every flower imaginable! Be inventive! For some informative and stimulating posts relating to the EDLIS flower, check out the archived EDLIS Things Twice index. 

Highly recommended! Even if you cannot attend the gatherings, do wear a flower. It will make it a lot easier for other EDLISians to recognize you, and for you to recognize them. It is also a very good conversation piece... while EDLISians will recognize you by it, and others not in-the-know have been known to inquire about it. 


4. Tickets

When you hear about a Dylan show you wish to attend, there are often several ways you can purchase tickets. For most shows, these include: at the box office, through a ticket agency (e.g. Ticketmaster). Further information regarding concert dates and ticket sale dates can be found on Bill Pagel's BobLinks. Concert dates and presale deals can also be found on the official Bob Dylan website, bobdylan.com.

Between the time when tickets go on sale and the date of the concert, there are often people who find themselves with spare tickets. Alternately, others are looking to purchase tickets. Contacting people through the group might be advantageous. 

Note that in if you are looking for tickets and are unable to find any before the concert, you may still want to consider attending. Try showing up early at the venue. There are often fans at the door selling tickets they cannot use. And other opportunities might avail themselves. Fans get upgrades and end up with too many tickets, people don't show who have others holding tickets for them. . . 



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