Wear the flower... 


1. Make sure you have joined EDLIS Parties & Gatherings 
    Facebook group which includes concerts! 

2. Find your Concert in the documents to the right of the
    Facebook group page.   

3. RSVP that you are attending! No one will know if you
    do not and you will not be able to post in that Event.

4. Read the entry and the Comments.
  • Where is the 12:30 lunch? 
  • How do I book in to it? 
  • Who else is going? 
  • What are their concert seat numbers, e-mail

    addresses and mobile telephone numbers? 
  • Do they all have mine? 
  • Print out pictures of people I want to find? 
  • Wear the EDLIS flower and speak to others who do

    the same? 
  • Where are drinks before the Concert? 
  • Where are people gathering after? (EDLIS always

    meets at the stage lip, or as near as possible, as the

    Concert empties until forced out of the entrance to

    plan the next move.)

5. Relax. All will be chaos. You will meet some people.
    You will miss others. Enjoy Mr Bob.



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